2016 Hen Night Special

The perfect way to start your big night out

Its THE big night. Everyone is ready for the meal and then the club. Its going to get messy...
Or perhaps its just a quiet evening of cocktails and a show...
Maybe its a group sky dive...?

Hen nights are so varied in the 21st century, but the one thing that hasn't changed is dressing to kill. The moment you leave the house you look amazing. Now you can record that precious moment with a low key Hen Night shoot from First Impact.

We make it real easy by shooting in your own home. Our photographer and assistant will arrive and set up the lights. We don't need much space, and can even work in a corridor, though elbow room is appreciated. And the 'mess' won't show, guaranteed. Once ready, you and your besties each get your turn to wow the camera.

We use low key photography which is flattering for all shapes and sizes. Plus you'll get the benefit of posing advice from our experienced team. We then select the best image of each model, photoshop to bring out the very best, and then email you the final copies. You can even order glossy prints.

The best part is sharing the cost. The deal price of £99 can be shared between up to four people. And if there's an even bigger group of you the price only increases by £25 per extra person.

References available. Don't hesitate to ask. Why not fill the enquiry form now?

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